Why Silk?

Here are some reasons why we are silk obsessed
Promotes healthier hair:
Silk is made up of hair like fibers that give it the luxurious feel we all know and love. With its smooth surface, there's less friction occurring that can potentially cause split ends/hair fallout. 
Silk also has moisture-retaining properties that aid with reducing frizz and dullness. 
With that said, healthy hair starts with some SILK!
That's right. You can now rest easy and forget about those stubborn allergies! Our silk is a triple threat. Naturally hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, and anti-fungal! 
Although signs of aging are inevitable, you can use silk to help you do it more gracefully! Dermatologists attest to silk's ability to help reduce visible signs of aging. Repeated pressure from sleeping on friction prone surfaces like cotton will eventually break down the collagen in your skin (wrinkles). Sleeping on silk will not only be more forgiving, but it will also help you retain skin moisture. 
Say goodbye to sleep wrinkles and dry skin.
Silk is known to be one of the strongest natural textile fabrics in the world! At Silknlove, we make sure to import the best quality silks for our products to ensure years of enjoyment of our silk luxuries. 
We hope we've made you fall more in love with silk than before. Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns at